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When creative dreamers meet.

We are fashion talkers

When creative dreamers, fashion industry professionals, fashion lovers, and the “just curious” have a place to meet something unique happens. We form a community of like-minded people who want to look good, do good, and feel good.

Our community

More than numbers. Great people.



We started the year 2018 with the mission to share with you our passion for
clothing. We are curious and international professionals who value
interesting exchanges with industry insiders, and have strong experience in
the fashion field. We wanted to take our frequent discussions a step further
and share inspiration and knowledge, by creating the first fashion
community in Geneva.

Geneva is a cosmopolitan city in Switzerland. It is located on the friendly
shores of lake Leman and attracts international and diverse talent. While
the city is known for being very human friendly due to the presence of
international organizations, it is not yet known for its fashion outlook.
Nevertheless, we have seen many emerging brands, with great values and
interesting concepts. We have also met people who were interested in this
hidden but very much alive fashion scene.

We formed Fashion Talks CH to bring people together who have passion
for fashion. We are a networking, exchange and learning community for all
the fashion curious and enthusiasts. We are women, and men, and
anything in between. We are diverse, and of many backgrounds. We aspire
to be like a group of friends talking about fashion. Plus, we are interesting.
Funny, in fact... and very welcoming.

The values we stand for are simple: share with honesty, transparency and
kindness. We support the best know-how, workshops, and brands. We
want to help you in your purchases to consume less, and better (but
without breaking the bank).

In addition, we are in love with beautiful clothes made with fair ethics.
Today, our community of Fashion Talkers is growing and becoming
stronger, and all that is thanks to you.

Therefore, we decided to expand internationally. This expansion will be in
full effect in 2020 and you will know more by then.
We are independent and have no affiliations, nor accept advertisements, as
we want to remain objective. Thank you for your support, and presence.

Let's talk some fashion!

We are the change that we seek.

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