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Interview with Tania Grace. A story of a multitalented artist & her unique silk scarves.

René René. A story of Swiss handmade bags & leather accessories.

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Why Does Music Influence Fashion?

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Interior design, and real estate: the new ventures for designer fashion brands

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With inspiring brands and designers.

The purpose of our interview is twofold: You can learn about the maker(s). Then, it introduces you great designs that have inspiring values with a special focus on savoir-faire, ethics, and sustainability.

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Brand Report

Buy less and better.

Don't know where to shop? Looking for quality for a reasonable price? Do you care about the environment and people? We are certainly not here to shame fast fashion clients, we just choose to buy less and better. Check out this curated list of brands that share our vision.

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Relevant insight.

We share a consistent stream of articles, and videos about fashion to pass on useful information to Fashion Talkers. They are related to trends, styling, business, design, marketing, retail, and more.

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