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Interviews & Online Meetings

Interviews: learn the story of the makers. Then, watch great designs that have inspiring values with a special focus on savoir-faire, ethics, and sustainability.

Online Meetings: learn about different aspects of fashion from trends, styling, to vintage, menswear, and more.

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We offer curated insights into fashion.

x Tania Grace
A story of a multitalented artist & her unique silk scarves

x René René
A story of Swiss handmade bags & leather accessories

Online Meetings

But it doesn't mean we are just online.

x Gianni Fontana
Discussion with a Renaissance Man

x Marieke Eyskoot
How to have a sustainable lifestyle

x Philippe.Tk
A Menswear review and Photography brand founded by a Polish Frenchman

x Pyrates
An R&D company and textile supplier that develops and supplies eco-friendly and...

x Christina Zervanos
Branding expert, storyteller, and a publicist with passion.

x Renee Jacobs
12 years of experience in Trend Forecasting and Analysis

x Lucine Ayanian
A marketing expert, PR and TV-host in the fashion show Creative

x Terry Mesritz
A vintage expert and a professional background as a luxury broker

Fashion News

Relevant insight.

We share a consistent stream of articles, and videos about fashion to pass on useful information to Fashion Talkers. They are related to trends, styling, business, design, marketing, retail, and more.

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