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Joris SPAT


I am a Retail and Operational Manager for a luxury fashion company in Geneva. I worked with BonneGueule, which is the first French men’s fashion media of France. I managed different showrooms, I was live on TV at Alsace20 and at RBS, the first radio in Strasbourg.

I helped companies with their communication and marketing. In addition, I did interviews on several blogs and I have an international background. I set up a conference about luxury at the Management School of Strasbourg. I care about quality, know-how and brands with strong human values. Being transparent with my customers is very important for me.

I love helping people to develop their own style by providing clear and practical advice. It is a way of thinking, a vision about fashion in general. I love beautiful clothes and traveling. I like to share amazing moments with people and to spend time with my friends. In terms of blogging and fashion news, I prioritize quality information and values communicated to people.



I gained experience at brands, such as Cartier, Tommy Hilfiger and J.M. Weston. Currently, I work for a brand with great ethicality. My experiences align with my values of; looking for substance, quality, and beauty; in our world, in people and in fashion.

I studied French, then fashion and design in Geneva. Then I moved to New-York City, where I worked, and graduated from the fashion institute of technology. My bachelor’s degree is in Fashion Business Management and Merchandising. I have a Master’s degree in Luxury Marketing.

I am coming from a diverse background that includes Europe and the Middle-East. Curious, non-blaming, supportive, I am focused on exploring options to find the best solutions.

Anne-Sophie SCHARFF

Social Media Manager

I am a social media specialist, working in the luxury industry in Geneva. My background is in the fashion industry, having worked with emerging brands in Brussels and London, assisting them in the implementation of their communication and marketing strategies.

Originally from Belgium, I have a business engineering background and a strong eagerness to learn from my environment and the people around me.

By working closely with designers, I have learned to really appreciate true craftsmanship and acknowledge the value of each garment. Being able to spend time with passionate artists and artisans is something I appreciate immensely.

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